Participate in the development of the field of metrology in Cambodia with the following main missions:
* Provide Calibration and Verification Service with ISO/IEC17025
* Import and distribute metrology equipment's with ISO 9001: 2015 quality and high technology.
* Provide training course, on calibration and verification and sharing knowledge on metrology to small and medium enterprises, handicrafts
* Collaborate with national and international organizations to promote scientific metrology.


A leading science and technology of metrology company in Cambodia providing services calibration, verification, and other services to enhance the competitiveness of factories, enterprises, handicrafts, and quality of Cambodian products.


Company Profile

CT calibration service Co., Ltd, is a company that established in collaboration with Thai Scale Co., Ltd, who has an 88 years of experience as a science and technology company, with an aim of providing services in the field of metrology, focusing on calibration, verification, and testing services ISO/IEC17025: 2005 with the import and distribution of ISO 9001: 2015 quality metrology equipment.
  • Our Services:

1. Calibration Service with ISO/IEC17025 Certificate
- Scale, balance and weight
- Temperature and humidity
- Pressure
2. Sale measurement tools
- Standard scale, balance and weight
- Electronic balance
- Laboratory balance
- Health scale
- Industry scale
- Truck scale
- Mechanical scale
- Load cell
- Torque
- Dimension tool
- Temperature and humanity tool
- Pressure gauge

3. Calibration and Verification Training
CT Calibration Services Co., Ltd offers training course on Calibration and Verification of metrology equipment such as scales and weights, pressure gauges, fuel tanks, fuel dispensers, etc.

4. Manufacture, assembly and installation
CT Calibration Services Co., Ltd provides assembly and installation services such as Truck Scale, Hospital Scales, and Industry Scales.

5. Maintenance Service
CT Calibration Services Co., Ltd also provides maintenance services such as Truck Scales, small automatic fuel dispensers for family businesses, moisture scales, counting scales, electronic loading scales, Top Loading Scale, Price Computing Scale, etc.