Full color touch screen

Six-digit display

Body protection

RS-232C interface

The DSX-1000 comes with a 7-inch color LCD screen

Easy to read

Weight checking errors by clearly showing weight and settings

The scales automatically check the weight relative to the set weight

Upper and lower preset and low weight alerts with built-in status and voice alarms

The DSX-1000 has a standard RS-232 interface for sending weighing data to additional PCs or printers

DSX-1000 has a large weighing platform 270.9 x 198.4 mm.

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Other
DSX-1000 600 g 0.1 g DIGI
DSX-1000 6 kg 1 g DIGI
DSX-1000 15 kg 2 g DIGI
DSX-1000 30 kg 5 g DIGI