VIBRA AB series


High precision, basic applications, affordable budget

User friendly operation

Highly visible, LCD display with back light

Connection to outside devices through standard RS232C output.

VIBRA AB series provides basic applications which are indispensable in daily work in laboratory and industrial lines. In any applications highly precise measurement is promised.

VIBRA AB series is the best affordable entrance into high-grade weighing solution.

VIBRA AB series is equipped with features to make routine measurement works easy and comfortable.

Large back-lit LCD is easy to read in any locations.

Glass windshield prevents air turblence from disturbing weighing operation in tough environment.

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Other
AB 323 320 0.001 g 140 mm dia VIBRA
AB 623 620 g 0.001 g 140 mm dia VIBRA
AB 1202 1200 g 0.01 g 190×190mm VIBRA
AB 3202 3200 g 0.01 g 190×190mm VIBRA
AB 12001 12000 g 0.1 g 190×190mm VIBRA